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Snow Plow Safety

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Child Safety
The safety of children is the top priority of snow plow drivers while clearing streets. Please educate children on the dangers of snow removal and make sure they play safely.

Please remind them to:

  • Never build tunnels or snow forts in the snow banks near the street. The force and weight of the snow coming off the plows can collapse the tunnels or forts and harm the child.
  • Keep sleds and toys out of the street and away from the edge of the road. Snow banks make it difficult for plow drivers to see children playing in these areas. Children should never play near the edge of the road.
  • Stay away from the plow. If a plow is on your street, children should stay back at least 20 feet or more from the road. It is best to have children play near the house as the snowplow approaches and stay there until the plow has passed.

Motorist Safety
Motorists should use caution around plows.

  • Plows travel slower than other vehicles. Reduce your speed, don’t crowd the plow.
  • Don’t pass snow removal equipment while it is plowing and never drive into the snow cloud.
  • Keep your distance from trucks that are plowing or spreading de-icing material. Frequent backing is necessary during these operations and visibility to the rear is very restricted.