Water Services

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Providing water to residents is one of the City of Plymouth’s most important and fundamental services. Each year, the city sends a water system report to all residents. It provides information about the city’s tap water and how it compares to standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Water Testing
City of Plymouth water is tested weekly by an independent, state-certified laboratory and the results are submitted to the Minnesota Department of Health. Public water supplies are regularly tested for more than 100 contaminants that can cause health concerns, such as bacteria, nitrate, pesticides, solvents and metals.

Water plant operators also test water multiple times per day for appropriate chemical levels and water quality.

Water Treatment 
The City of Plymouth works everyday to provide safe, quality drinking water and high quality service to residents and businesses. Before distribution, the city treats water by disinfecting it and improves the quality by removing iron and manganese, minerals that can affect the taste and cause staining.

City of Plymouth Water Treatment Process
 Water source Water Source
The City of Plymouth uses 17 wells, ranging from 302 to 473 feet deep to draw drinking water from groundwater sources – Prairie Du Chien-Jordan, Prairie Du Chien Group and Jordan aquifers.
 Remove iron manganese Step 1: Remove Iron and Manganese 
Sodium permanganate is used remove iron and manganese from the water.
 Filtration Step 2: Filter
Water is run through filter cells containing sand media to filter out iron and manganese particles, which attach to the sand in the filters.
 Prevent pipe corrosion Step 3: Prevent Pipe Corrosion
Zinc orthophosphate is used to prevent corrosion of pipes.
 Dental health Step 4: Improve Dental Health
Fluoride is added to improve dental health, per Minnesota Department of Health mandate.
 Disinfect Step 5: Disinfect and Kill Bacteria
Water is treated with sodium hypochlorite to disinfect and kill bacteria and other microbes that can cause illness.
 Drinking water

Drinking Water
Plymouth has two treatment plants that use the same process to treat water. Treated water is fed into Plymouth’s water distribution system, which consists of five water towers and one underground reservoir. Water towers may hold water from both treatment facilities, depending on demand.

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