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Water Restrictions

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Know and Follow Outdoor Water Restrictions
Water Restriction Hotline: 763-509-5512

Plymouth has restrictions on outdoor water use from May through September. Restrictions include an odd-even schedule and a midday ban. Plymouth prohibits outdoor lawn watering from noon to 5 p.m. on all days. At other times, water customers must follow an odd-even schedule when sprinkling lawns.

Homeowners and businesses with addresses ending in an odd number may water on odd numbered calendar days. Those with addresses ending in an even number, may water on even numbered days. The restrictions apply to all city water customers. Automatic irrigation systems should be adjusted accordingly.

State law also requires that all new irrigation systems be installed with rain sensors so the system shuts off when it’s raining.

City water customers may wash vehicles and do hand-held hose watering of shrubs, flowers and trees on any day and at any time if the hose has a nozzle with automatic shutoff.

If you have new sod, seed or landscaping, you do not need to follow the odd-even restrictions during the first 30 days after planting. You must, however, still abide by the midday ban from noon to 5 p.m.
The restrictions do not apply to people who use sources of water other than the city water system.

Organizations that need to irrigate turf to prevent damage due to frequent use may submit a written request for an exemption. The restrictions also make an exception for residential users who intermittently use their outdoor water system exclusively for recreational use, such as children running through a sprinkler.

The penalty for violating restrictions is $100 for each day of violation. In the event of a violation, you will receive one written warning before you are penalized. Please keep in mind that if you have an irrigation system that is not functioning properly or is misaligned and water is spraying in the street, you could receive a notice of violation.

Water Conservation