COVID-19 Notice: Community health and safety is our priority. As a precaution, city offices/facilities have closed and some events have been canceled. Read more.

Sewer & Water

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COVID-19 Service Limitations: Meter Appointments
As a precaution, the city is taking several actions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  These decisions follow Minnesota Department of Health recommendations to reduce the frequency of large gatherings and promote social distancing.

Unless water is actively leaking out of a meter, all meter appointments requiring in-home visits will be postponed until further notice. Some meter issues may be resolved over the phone. Services for meter shutoffs and deliveries of meter horns will still be available to the public.

Sewer & Water Services
The City of Plymouth provides sewer and water service to residents and businesses in most areas of the city. The primary exception is an area in the northwest part of Plymouth. People living in this area use private wells and septic systems to meet water and sewer service needs. Water and sewer service in this area will be provided as development occurs.

The city maintains over 300 miles of pipe and 8,000 manholes in its sanitary sewer system. The city also maintains more than 350 miles of pipe, 4,400 hydrants and 7,800 valves in its water main system.

Newcomers to Plymouth can get help from city staff members to establish a water and sewer account for their property by calling 763-509-5333. The utility billing area of the website also includes information about how to start and stop service as well as information about specific utility accounts.  

Storm Sewer
The city maintains an extensive network of storm sewer pipes, catch basins and manholes with 134 miles of pipe and more than 8,000 manholes. The city also manages more than 1,000 ponds and wetlands along with ditches and streams to safely convey storm water.

To view approximate locations of storm sewer catch basins in Plymouth, view the catch basin map.

Sanitary Sewer Problems
If you experience problems with the sanitary sewer system – the system that conveys waste water from homes and businesses – report them to the Sewer and Water Division at 763-509-5950 during regular business hours, Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. All other times, call 911 to report problems.

Before calling, please try to determine if the problem is with the public system. If the problem is only with one fixture, like a sink or toilet, it is likely that the problem is in the private system. In that case, you should contact a plumber. If there is a problem with the entire building, call the Sewer and Water Division at the number listed above or 911.

If you own a home or business connected to the city’s sanitary sewer system, you are responsible for maintaining the sewer line from your house or business to the point where it connects with the main sewer line in the street. If sewer cleaning is required in that area, it is your responsibility to contact a plumber or sewer cleaning contractor to clean out the line. It is important to have the pipe televised before cleaning to avoid cutting any intersecting gas, power or cable lines. If the problem requires digging in the right of way or street, the city must do the excavating.

The League of Minnesota Sewer Backups brochure (PDF) discusses issues concerning insurance, liability, clean up and backup prevention.

Water Main Breaks
If you see water bubbling to the surface along a roadway, it may be a water main break. If you suspect a water main break, please call the Water and Sewer Division at the number listed below. After regular business hours, call the public safety dispatcher at 952-258-5321.

The city will investigate the problem and determine if there is a leak in either the public or private service line to the building. If there is a leak in the private service line, the city will notify the property owner to correct the problem. If the leak is in the city’s system, the city will have it repaired.

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