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Street Reconstruction FAQs

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Street reconstruction is an intensive project that completely rebuilds an existing street. This page contains answers to residents' frequently asked questions about the process.

What does this project include?
A street reconstruction is the complete rebuilding of an existing street. A typical project includes removing the bituminous surface, replacing the subgrade material with sand, and rebuilding the crushed rock and bituminous layers. Drain tile is also typically installed to drain the new road bed.

In addition, the following infrastructure is examined:

  • Existing concrete curb and gutter is evaluated to determine whether wholesale replacement is needed or whether sections in poor condition need to be replaced.
  • Existing water main and sanitary sewer are evaluated to determine if rehabilitation or replacement is necessary.
  • Existing drainage and storm sewer system is evaluated to determine its condition and whether additional storm sewer is necessary.
 Street Reconstruction: Before and After Photos

A street in poor condition before the reconstruction project

A smooth, freshly paved street

A street in poor condition before the reconstruction project

A smooth, freshly paved street

 Before  After

Will I be charged for any of the costs of the project?
The City Council has adopted an assessment policy that assesses adjacent, benefitting property owners a portion of the cost of the improvement. Forty percent of the total project cost is assessed to residents, while the city pays the remainder.

Costs to repair or replace the water main or sanitary sewer are not assessed and are fully funded by the city. Assessments for residential properties are typically per parcel and not based on street frontage. The exact amount of the assessment will be provided prior to the Public and Assessment Hearing. 

How can I pay for this assessment?
Exact details of the payment options will be provided prior to the assessment hearing, but each property owner has a number of options. Standard options are listed below. 

Note: The standard interest rates for 2020 are 2.67% for assessments under $5,000, 3.00% for assessments between $5,000 and $10,000, and 3.23% for assessments over $10,000.

  • Option 1: Full payment without any interest by October 31 the year the assessments are approved.
  • Option 2: Full payment between November 1 the year assessments are approved and November 15 of the following year. Interest on this option will be for the entire year, regardless of when the balance is paid off.
  • Option 3: Payment over the standard assessment term, which is 5 years for assessments under $5,000, 10 years for assessments between $5,000 and $10,000, and 15 years for assessments over $10,000. Payments would be included in your property taxes.
  • Option 4: Partial prepayment by October 31 the year assessments are approved (minimum amount of $100). The remaining balance would be paid under Option 3.

Note: Current assessment rates and dates will be mailed to all property owners where assessments are proposed. 

What does the paint mean?
Most of the paint in the area will be used for locating purposes, except for pink paint which is used to indicate removals.

Will my mailbox be affected?
During a reconstruction project, the postmaster typically requires the city to install a bank of mailboxes in a central location so that they are easily accessible for the mail carrier. If your mailbox is removed as part of the project, it will be reinstalled by the contractor prior to the completion of the project.

Will I be able to get in and out of my driveway during the project?
Access may be restricted at certain times during the day for this project. Most of the time the delay is short and the contractor is required to provide access at the end of each day. However, there are exceptions, such as when the curb and gutter is replaced and needs time to cure. During that time you may park on the street.

If you have any special needs or are concerned about access, you can contact the Engineering Division, 763-509-5500 or, or talk to the on-site inspector. Contact information for the project manager is available on each project webpage respectively.

Will my driveway or boulevard be impacted?
If the curb and gutter in front of your property is replaced or if there is a utility repair your driveway or boulevard may be impacted. Driveway patching or lawn restoration would be included with the project. 

How long will the project last?
Street reconstruction projects typically take the majority of the summer and fall months to complete.

There is standing water in the street. Will this be corrected?
Standing water in the street will likely be corrected.

How long will the new street last?
With maintenance, such as crack filling and mill and overlays, it is estimated that the new street will last about 50 years.

Who should I contact if I have questions now or during construction?
If you have any questions about the project, please contact the project manager. Contact information is available on each project webpage respectively.