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Traffic Control Requests

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The City of Plymouth receives a significant number of requests for traffic control signage each year – many from residents who wish to slow the speed of motorists driving through their neighborhood. View information about submitting a request below.
Are stop signs effective for speed control?
Are additional speed limit signs effective?

Request a Street Sign, Speed Limit Study or Crosswalk Evaluation
To promote safety and livability in residential neighborhoods, the City of Plymouth reviews all requests on a case-by-case basis. The City of Plymouth follows the Minnesota Manual of Uniform Traffic Control and other guidelines in reviewing requests. These provide a uniform policy for street signs, speed limits and crosswalks on all public streets, roads and highways.

This process generally involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Request – Fill out the Traffic Control Request Form
  2. Data Collection & Analysis – City staff will collect and analyze data regarding the request and determine next steps, which may include taking no action. 
  3. Educational and Enforcement Efforts – Additional education and police enforcement can often help mitigate traffic issues. Engineering may work with other departments on additional education efforts.
  4. Physical Improvements or Additional Study – Additional signage, safety improvements or in-depth study may be warranted. Any proposed physical improvements are funding-dependent and may be planned in conjunction with other improvements.
  5. Analysis of Effects – All education, enforcement and implementation will be reviewed for effectiveness.
Traffic Control Request Form

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
The City of Plymouth strives to provide accessible pedestrian features within the public right-of-way that meet the standards outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In accordance with the ADA compliance, the City of Plymouth has adopted an ADA Transition Plan (PDF).

If users of the City of Plymouth's facilities located within the public right-of-way believe the city has not provided reasonable accommodations, they may submit a complaint by filling out an ADA Grievance Form (PDF). City staff will respond to the complaint within 30 days. For more information, call the city's ADA Coordinator at 763-509-5500.

Traffic Enforcement
View information about parking and traffic issue enforcement on the Police Traffic Unit webpage.