Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are barbeque grills allowed on balconies?

  • Are Plymouth’s fire stations staffed?

  • Are recreational fires legal in the city?

  • As a driver, what should I do when an emergency service vehicle approaches with red lights and sirens?

  • Do I need to have a carbon monoxide (CO) detector in my home?

  • Do I need to put a smoke detector in every room? How many do I need?

  • Does the Plymouth Public Safety Department provide car seat checks?

  • How can I use candles safely?

  • How do I become a Plymouth firefighter?

  • How do I create an escape plan for my home?

  • How do I schedule a tour of the Fire Department for a group of children?

  • How long does it take for the Fire Department to arrive after I call 9-1-1?

  • How often do smoke detectors need to be tested?

  • If a member of my family is disabled, how can we prepare for their safety during an emergency?

  • What are leading causes of childhood injury? How can I avoid accidents?

  • What are Minnesota’s passenger restraint laws?

  • What are safe practices to use when grilling?

  • What are the minimum qualifications needed to become a Plymouth firefighter?

  • What fireworks are legal and illegal in Minnesota?

  • What is the city’s Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating?

  • What is the staffed station (duty crew) program?

  • What kind of fire extinguisher should I buy for my home or garage?

  • What other duties do firefighters have besides responding to fire calls?

  • What should I look for when purchasing a carbon monoxide (CO) detector?

  • When is it appropriate to dial 9-1-1?