Outdoor Warning Sirens

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Sirens are meant to warn those who are outdoors. If you hear a siren, turn on a radio or TV to hear safety information. Seek shelter immediately.

To be prepared in the event of an emergency such as a tornado or severe thunderstorm, communities test their outdoor sirens on the first Wednesday of each month.

During these monthly tests you hear two distinct signals. These two different signals warn you of possible threats to your community.

  • The first, and most used signal, is for tornadoes and other severe weather. This signal is a steady pitched sound.
  • The second siren sound is for other types of emergencies. It is a warbling sound. If you hear your sirens go off, and the signal is a steady pitch, it means severe weather has been sighted near you. Seek shelter immediately and turn on a battery-powered radio for more information. If severe weather is in your area, don't wait for the sirens to go off before seeking shelter. In some fast-moving storms, the danger may pass through before the siren can be turned on. Stay alert to severe weather.

    Siren installation, operation and maintenance is performed by city or county government. If you have questions or concerns about siren operation or coverage in your community, please contact your city or county emergency manager.