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Alert Plymouth

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Alert Plymouth emergency notification system

Emergency Notification System
Alert Plymouth allows the city to inform the public of community-wide and localized emergencies, as well as other significant situations that may affect public safety or city services.

Alert Plymouth is a mass notification tool used only to issue public safety and emergency messages – not to relay weather forecasts or information about city events or news.

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How it Works
Alert Plymouth has the capability to notify residents of emergencies via call, text or email.

Launched by the City of Plymouth in 2015, all landline phone numbers listed in the White and Yellow Pages were added to the Alert Plymouth system – but the city did not have a database of cell phone numbers or email addresses.

In order to receive texts, cell phone calls or email messages, residents must sign up.

Login to Keep Contact Information Current
Current subscribers are asked to login to keep their contact information up to date. Login to Alert Plymouth.

When the city issues a notification, subscribers can confirm receipt of the message. Once the system receives confirmation, it will not contact by any subsequent methods (i.e. text, call, email) for that particular notification. If the system cannot confirm receipt of the message, it will continue to attempt to reach the subscriber using all of the registered contact paths.

Geographic Notifications
Subscribers are asked to include their address(es) when signing up, as it enables the system to geographically notify them of emergencies near their home or business.

Sign up for Notifications
Signing up for Alert Plymouth only takes a few minutes. Sign up online.

All information provided will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any other organizations.