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Adult Open Gym

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Please note: Open gym sports require players to pre-register.

Participating in open gym sports is a great way to stay in shape and socialize without committing to a league schedule. Our programs are a low key and geared for fun.


Adult Open Soccer (18+)

Co-rec soccer on a social level. Not for aggressive/competitive players. No slide tackling; shin guards recommended. Teams formed on site by captains. Pre-registration required. Games played at:
Plymouth Creek Center Fieldhouse, 14800 34th Ave N

 Day  Date and Time  Cost  Activity
 M  Dec 30-Feb 17, 9-10:30pm  Res: $109, Non-Res $120  15207-01
 M  Feb 24-April 13, 9-10:30pm  Res: $109, Non-Res $120  15207-03
 W  Feb 26-Aril15, 9-10:30pm  Res: $109, Non-Res $120  15207-04
 Su  April 26-May 3, 4:30-6:00pm  Res: $28, Non-Res $33   15207-05
 F  May 1-June 5, 6-7:30pm  Res: $28, Non-Res $33  15207-06

Adult Open Badminton (18+)

We supply the net and birdies; you supply the racket. Limited number of loaner rackets available. Players must pre-register to play. Registration is limited in order to allow for appropriate playing time. No program on 1/20, 2/17, 3/30.  Play is 7:30-10 p.m. at Wayzata High School, 4955 Peony Lane.

 Day  Date and Time Cost   Activity
 M  Jan 6-Feb 24, 7:30-10pm  Res: $30, Non-Res: $36  15213-01
 Th  Jan 9-Feb 13, 7:30-10pm  Res: $30, Non-Res: $36  15213-02 
 M  Mar 2-April 13, 7:30-10pm  Res: $30, Non-Res: $36  15213-03
 Th  Feb 20-March 19, 7:30-10pm  Res: $25, Non-Res: $30  15213-04
 M  April 20-May 18, 7:30-10pm  Res: $25, Non-Res: $30  15213-05
 Th  April 9-May 21, 7:30-10pm  Res: $35, Non-Res: $42  15213-06

Adult Open Table Tennis (18+)

We supply the tables, paddles, balls and set-up. Players rotate on the tables depending on the number of people. Players will need to pre-register for each session. Registration is limited to ensure proper playing time.
Play is at Wayzata High School, 4955 Peony Lane.

 Day  Date and Time  Cost  Activity
 Tu  Jan 7-Feb 18, 7:30-10pm Res: $35, Non-Res: $42   15211-01
 Tu   Feb 25-March 31, 7:30-10pm Res: $30, Non-Res: $36   15211-02
 Tu  April 7-May 19, 7:30-10pm Res: $35, Non-Res: $42   15211-03

Adult Open Volleyball (18+)

We supply the nets, volleyballs and setup. Players rotate on the court depending on the number of people. Participants will need to pre-register for this program and each seasonal session - no cash at the door.
Play is at Wayzata High School, 4955 Peony Lane

 Day  Date and Time Cost   Activity
 W  Jan 8-Feb 12, 7:30-10pm Res: $30, Non-Res: $36    15214-01
 W  Feb 19-Mar 25, 7:30-10pm  Res: $30, Non-Res: $36    15214-02
 W  April 8-May 20, 7:30-10pm Res: $35, Non-Res: $42    15214-03