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Northwest Greenway

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Northwest Greenway in PlymouthThe Northwest Greenway Corridor is planned to be 200-300 feet wide with a 10-foot-wide trail. It will stretch from Lake Camelot on the east to Wayzata High School on the west. The Northwest Greenway will connect to the Medicine Lake Regional Trail, which links French and Elm Creek regional parks. It will serve two main purposes. It will preserve natural resources to provide a wildlife corridor in an area of Plymouth that is rich with high quality wetlands and trees. The greenway will also provide a recreational trail for walking and biking.

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Voters approved a $9 million referendum in 2006 to acquire land to create the Northwest Greenway and preserve open space. Since that time, the City of Plymouth has made steady progress toward the goal of preserving a 2.5 mile swath of natural area in northwest Plymouth for the greenway.

Approximate Timeline

  • Segment 1 - Trail east of Vicksburg Lane in 2015
  • Segment 2 - Trail from Upland Lane North and 57th Place North west to the Plymouth Dog Park in 2016
  • Vicksburg Lane Pedestrian Bridge in 2016
  • Segment 3 - Elm Creek North Boardwalk in 2017
  • Segment 4 - Elm Creek South Boardwalk in 2018
  • Segment 5 - South Trailhead to be built in 2019-2020
  • Segment 6 - Juneau Lane Connections to be built 2023-2024
  • Segment 7 - North Peony Lane Trailhead TBD

The public will access the greenway from trailheads planned for Cheshire Parkway and the Peony Lane extension.