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  • Are the marked trees the only ones infected with Dutch elm disease?

  • Because trees and shrubs block my view, I can’t see oncoming cars at the intersection in my neighborhood. What should I do?

  • Can I keep the elm wood?

  • Can I keep the wood from a tree that has been cut down because it is structurally unsound?

  • Does the city trim boulevard trees?

  • Does the city trim trees for power line clearance?

  • How do I determine if my tree is within the public right-of-way?

  • How do I know if a problem caused by a tree was due to neglect or an "act of God"?

  • How do I know which trees the utility company will trim?

  • How do you determine the boundary line?

  • Is tree debris considered a nuisance?

  • What about trees that fail and cause damage or injury?

  • What can the city do about hazardous intersections caused by sight obstructions?

  • What can you do when a boundary tree has become a nuisance?

  • What happens to logs brought to the city's yard waste site?

  • What if I don’t believe trees that the city has deemed hazardous are located on my property?

  • What if I trim my own boulevard trees or have special considerations/concerns?

  • What if the owner of a defective tree won’t address the problem?

  • What is a boundary tree?

  • What is a nuisance tree?

  • What should I look for in a tree care company?

  • What type of trimming is done to my trees?

  • Who owns the boundary tree?

  • Why does the city mark diseased elm trees?

  • Why does the city mark hazardous trees?

  • Will diseased trees or those deemed a nuisance be re-inspected?