The Plymouth Parks and Recreation Department has earned a sterling reputation for creative collaborations, vibrant volunteerism, and far-sighted environmental planning. The department offers extensive recreation programming, well used and maintained facilities, beautiful parks, and a great trail system. 

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The city currently has 66 developed parks in its system, totaling over 1,700 acres. There are three public beaches, seven special use facilities, nine playfields and 58city and school parks. The department also maintains a 170.5-mile network of city, state, and regional trails that connects most neighborhoods to parks, schools and commercial areas.

Plymouth Parks and Recreation is composed of seven divisions that provide leisure opportunities and services to the community:

  1. Administration
    Provides staff support to the Parks and Recreation Department and to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission.
  2. RecreationRecreation Activities
    Provides quality leisure opportunities for all ages, from preschool to seniors. Plymouth’s recreation programs focus on a variety of activities and opportunities that are both fee based and non-fee based. On average, more than 2,000 programs are offered, providing leisure opportunities to 90,000 participants.
  3. Volunteer Services
    Coordinates all of the volunteer opportunities for the City of Plymouth. The comprehensive program offers a variety of volunteer experiences in every city department, with positions ranging from police reserve to youth summer volunteer, the Tree Care Team and annual special events.
  4. Parks & Forestry
    The Parks & Forestry Division is responsible for maintenance, development and safety of 1,735 acres of community parks and open space, and 170.5 miles of trails. As it performs these duties, the division takes care to preserve and protect the environment. The comprehensive park system includes city parks, community playfields, neighborhood parks, special use parks, a greenway, and open space.   The division also coordinates the development and enhancement of the park system to ensure quality recreational experiences. Promotes and maintains a healthy and viable forest on both public and private property. The Forestry Division is responsible for tree care and preservation, reforestation, weed enforcement and horticultural services. Forestry also researches and offers information and guidelines on  the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).
  5. Plymouth Ice Center (PIC)
    Provides year-round multipurpose skating opportunities (i.e. hockey, skating classes), recreational classes, meeting facilities and quality tournament facilities. The PIC is a 120,000 square foot facility, containing three sheets of ice.
  6. Plymouth Creek Center (PCC)
    Provides space and opportunities for meetings, large celebrations and theatre productions. Much of the building is focused on programs for seniors and general recreation programs. The PCC is also heavily utilized by the community for private rental events, including weddings, neighborhood meetings and corporate events.
  7. Plymouth Fieldhouse
    Provides artificial field turf for indoor sports programs, recreation programs and special event activities. Walkers and joggers also use the fieldhouse during winter months.

Tobacco Free YouthTobacco Use Policy
The City of Plymouth has adopted a tobacco-free policy for parks and recreation facilities. To help promote healthy lifestyles and set a good example for the community's youth, the city asks for your voluntary compliance. Tobacco and electronic tobacco products are not allowed in the following city-owned areas except within the confines of a vehicle that is in a designated parking space:

  • Park land;
  • Parks and Recreation facilities; 
  • Open space; and 
  • Joint city/school district properties.