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Members are appointed for three-year terms expiring Jan. 31 of that year. The chair and vice chair shall be appointed by the commission and confirmed by the mayor from among the members of the commission and shall serve for a term of one year.

Name Position Appointed Expires Contact Info
Marilyn Sunseri Ward 1 13-DEC-16 31-JAN-23

763-331-0583 (Home)

Dick Burkhardt

Vice Chair

Ward 2   09-DEC-14 31-JAN-21

763-476-0279 (Home) 

Tricia DeBleeckere
Ward 3 22-JAN-13 31-JAN-22

651-201-2254 (Office)

612-270-3086 (Cell)  

Vita Wilson  Ward 4 12-DEC-17 31-JAN-21

612-382-6818 (Cell)

Margie DuPuis

At-Large 08-JAN-19 31-JAN-22  612-272-3254 (Cell)
Allie Storti At-Large  10-DEC-19 31-JAN-23


Ann Hoekstra

At-Large 11-APR-19 31-JAN-21

Diane Evans

Director of

Parks and Recreation

Staff Liaison

763-509-5201 (Office)

Alise McGregor





763-509-5001 (Voicemail)