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Members are appointed for five-year terms expiring the end of January or until a new commissioner has been selected as a replacement. Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary are appointed by the Authority and confirmed by the Mayor.

Name Appointed  Expires  Contact Info 
Jeff Kulaszewicz

09-JAN-07 31-JAN-25  763-577-1915 (Home) 

Matthew Plec

Vice Chair

12-DEC-17 31-JAN-23 763-255-1622 (Office)

Michelle Soderberg


09-DEC-14  31-JAN-24  

763-476-8711 (Home)

612-240-9099 (Mobile) 

Aqueelah Whitfield 10-DEC-19 31-JAN-21 



Bob Huddleston 31-DEC-16  31-JAN-22 

763-476-3361 (Home)

Steve Juetten
Executive Director
763-509-5401 (Office)
763-509-5407 (FAX)
Jim Barnes
Housing Program Manager

763-509-5412 (Office)

Jim Davis

Council Coordinating Rep