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Charter Commission members are appointed by a Hennepin County District Court judge. Members serve staggered, two- to four-year terms.

Charter Commission Members





 Richard Dunn  Member  01-MAR-04   28-FEB-24 
 Jim Willis  Member  19-JUN-99   31-OCT-22
 Joseph Dorpat  Member  25-JUN-19  31-OCT-21
 Lisa Vertelney  Member  25-AUG-17  13-JUN-21
 Robert Fandrich  Member  17-JUL-15  17-JUL-23
 Gregg Fishbein  Member  09-JUL-09  28-FEB-24
 Jeremy Mauritson  Secretary  05-FEB-16  28-FEB-24
 Thomas E. Murphy Jr.  Member  18-SEP-98  31-MAR-21
 David Asp  Member  25-JUN-19  28-FEB-22
 Richard Norman  Chair  17-JUL-15  30-JUN-22 
 Nagendar Mahipathi  Vice Chair  25-JUN-19  31-MAY-23
 Jack Amdal  Member  25-JUN-19  31-AUG-23
 Clark Gregor  Member  26-JUN-19  30-SEP-23


 City Staff

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    Sandy Engdahl     City Clerk           763-509-5080 (Office)