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Conserve Water Indoors

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Saving water around the home is simple and smart. The average Plymouth household spends $360 each year on its water and sewer bill. Annual per capita water demand chart in PlymouthNew home construction uses many newer water efficient fixtures and water-saving practices and has helped to drive down the annual per capita water demand. Homeowners in a position to upgrade to more water efficient fixtures and water-saving practices could benefit in a similar way by saving up to $120 annually.


Simple Steps to Save Water Indoors

In the Bathroom

  • Check for a leaky toilets, dripping faucets, and dripping showerheads 
  • Turn water off while brushing teeth to save 3 gallons per day

In the Kitchen

  • Use the sink spray tab to rinse dishes and vegetables 
  • Keep drinking water in the refrigerator instead of letting the water run until it is cool 
  • Do not use water to defrost frozen foods; thaw in the refrigerator overnight 
  • Scrape, rather than rinse, dishes when possible 
  • Place fruit and vegetable waste in a compost bin rather than disposal

In the Laundry Room

  • Wash only full loads of laundry
  • Adjust the water level for the size of the load

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