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City seeks volunteers to help with Buckthorn Busts

Post Date:10/10/2018 3:33 pm

The City of Plymouth is seeking volunteers to help with upcoming Buckthorn Busts to remove the invasive species from various areas in the city.

Buckthorn Busts are set for 9 a.m. to noon on the following Saturdays: 

  • Oct. 20 – Maple Creek Park, 2695 Weston Lane N.
  • Oct. 27 – Maple Creek Park
  • Oct. 27 – Hardenbergh Open Space, 1100 Urbandale Lane
  • Nov. 3 – Maple Creek Park

The events are ideal volunteer opportunities for groups or families.

Tools for Buckthorn Busts
Resources needed for busts include gardening gloves, shovels, shears, a hand-held saw and an herbicide. Weed wrenches and other tools can be borrowed from the city. Shovels may be needed to remove larger, well-rooted plants, while gardening shears may be used to cut the smaller shoots.

Volunteers are encouraged to dress for the weather, and wear sturdy footwear and work gloves.

To sign up, contact Volunteer Coordinator Jackie Maas at or 763-509-5230. Additional information will be sent to volunteers prior to the event. Some residents may also opt to organize neighborhood Buckthorn Busts.

About Invasive Buckthorn
According the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, buckthorn is designated as a restricted noxious weed in Minnesota. It's illegal to import, sell or transport common or European buckthorn or glossy or alder buckthorn in this state. The invasive species chokes out native plants, reproduces rapidly and dominates the area.

Buckthorn must be pulled by the root to be effectively eradicated from the area. If the root remains, it will sprout again. If removal of the root is not feasible, an herbicide with 18 to 20 percent glyphosate can be applied to the freshly cut buckthorn stump to prevent it from growing back. If an herbicide is not applied to the stump, five to eight shoots will grow up around the previously cut area.

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