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RFP: City Seeks Catering Proposals for Plymouth Creek Center
Weddings at the Plymouth Creek CenterThe City of Plymouth is seeking proposals for five-year catering agreements for the Plymouth Creek Center. Proposals must be delivered by 4 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27. Read more.

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Specific rules apply to room rentals when food and beverages are served:


  • Must use one of our exclusive caterers (at renter's expense.)
  • Liquor must go through our exclusive caterers and a police officer is required (at renter’s expense.)
  • Call caterers directly for pricing and menu information.



 Lancer Catering

Contact: Gina Larsen


Medina Entertainment Center
Medina Catering

Contact: Catering Director


Mintahoe Catering & Events
Apples Catering, Perfect Host Catering, Mintahoe Beverage Services
Contact: Heather Walsh


RP Catering by Roasted Pear

Contact: MJ Henschel